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More cake please! London-based food artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art (previously featured here) recently created the world’s first completely edible billboard, made entirely out of cake. The mouthwatering advertisement for Mr Kipling, the UK’s largest cake manufacturer, measures 6m x 3m (~20ft x 10ft) and consists of 13,360 Mr Kipling cakes. Wibowo spent 6 hours assembling her creation the night before its unveiling.

Bearing a message we couldn’t agree with more - “Life is Better with Cake” - the billboard hangs outside the Westfield Shopping Centre in the Shepherd’s Bush, London. Here’s the best part: after the billboard was unveiled, it was gleefully devoured by lucky passersby, one tasty cake at a time.

Click here to watch a time-lapse video of the billboard’s construction.

[via Michelle Sugar Art and Foodiggity]

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